job */*/*/

job */*/*/
UK [dʒɒb] / US [dʒɑb] noun
Word forms "job":
singular job plural jobs
Talking or writing about jobs:
general job what you do regularly to earn money, especially what you do for a particular company or person. A full-time job is a job that you do for at least the same number of hours a week as people usually work. A part-time job is a job that you do for fewer hours a week than people usually work: My first job was helping in a pet shop. a full-time bookkeeper He works full-time for the council. a part-time bartender I teach part-time now. work something that you do to earn money, or the place where you go to do it: I've got a lot of work on at the moment. Dan's at work. career the jobs someone does over a period of time that involve a particular type of work: a long career in the civil service a medical career profession a type of job that you need a lot of education or special training to do, or all the people who do a particular job like this: I'm a doctor by profession. the legal profession occupation (formal) your usual job: What is your current occupation and salary? post a particular job within a company or organization, especially a job with some responsibility: She applied for the post of Senior Marketing Manager at Cadbury Schweppes. position a particular job: used especially in advertisements for available jobs: a vacancy for the position of night watchman getting a job apply to officially say, usually in a letter or on a special form, that you would like to be considered for a particular job CV a list of your qualifications and work experience that you send to someone who you are hoping to work for job seeker (formal) someone who is looking for a job applicant someone who applies for a particular job candidate someone who is competing with other people for a particular job interview a meeting with the people you are hoping to work for where they ask you questions and find out more about you interviewee an applicant who is asked to come for an interview leaving a job resign to officially say that you are going to leave your job quit (informal) to leave a job sack or fire to tell someone that they must leave their job, especially because their work is not good or they have done something wrong: She's been fired for not meeting her sales targets. make someone redundant to tell someone that they no longer have a job because they are not needed any more retire to stop working, usually because you are old not having a job unemployed or jobless used for describing someone who does not have a job but who would like to have one: used also as a noun for referring to people in this position as a group: a jobless welder Her brother has been unemployed for over a year. measures to help the unemployed find work out of work used for describing someone who does not have a job but who would like to have one: She's been out of work for six months. retired used for describing someone who is not working because they are old: a retired army officer
1) [countable] work that you do regularly to earn money. When you ask someone about their job, you usually say "What do you do?", and not "What is your job?" The answer would usually be "I am a ..." or "I work as a...", and not "My job is"...
job as:

She has a job as a restaurant manager.

apply for a job:

I've applied for several jobs without success.

get a job:

Andy got a holiday job at a factory in Bristol.

find a job (= get a job after looking for one):

Emma finally found a job in a bakery.

offer someone a job:

My son has been offered a job in Tokyo.

take a job (= accept a job):

I've taken a job at a hotel in the city centre.

do a job:

She's very experienced – she's been doing the job for years.

I could never do your job!

be in a job (= have a particular job):

I've been in this job for five years now.

leave your job:

Dan left his job after an argument with his boss.

jobs go (= are lost):

Over 2000 jobs will go in the shipbuilding industry.

lose your job:

Many steelworkers are worried that they'll lose their jobs.

job losses:

The car industry has faced massive job losses.

out of a job (= without a job):

I could be out of a job if things don't improve.

create jobs:

The new venture will create over 1500 jobs in the area.

job interview:

He's attending a job interview this morning.

job opportunities/prospects:

There are not many job opportunities in this part of the country.

temporary/permanent job:

I've got a temporary job for six months.

part-time/full-time job:

Many students have part-time jobs.

top job (= an important or powerful job):

She holds one of the top jobs in the industry.

Adjectives frequently used with job
▪  dead-end, full-time, good, low-paid, menial, part-time, permanent, proper, semi-skilled, skilled, temporary, unskilled, well-paid
2) [countable] something that you have to do or deal with

The first job is to decide who to invite.

the job of doing something:

No one wanted the job of painting the ceiling.

do a job:

Our architects have done the job in record time.

3) [singular] your duty in a particular situation or organization
it is someone's job to do something:

It's my job to welcome new members to the club.

It's the job of teachers to give their students confidence.

take on a job (= start to do something as a duty):

When I took on the job, I didn't know what it would involve.

4) [countable] informal a crime, especially one in which money is stolen

a bank job

5) job or jobby
[countable] spoken something of a particular type

He's bought one of those MP3 jobs.

6) [countable] something that a computer, printer etc does

Your scan is the third job in the queue.

do a good/great etc job — to do something very well

You've done a fantastic job of decorating the room.

have a job doing/to do somethingBritish

informal to have difficulties doing something

We had quite a job finding your house.

(it's a) good jobBritish used for saying that it is lucky that you did something, or lucky that something happened

It's a good job I remembered to bring an umbrella.

make a good/bad job of (doing) somethingBritish to do something well or badly

He made a terrible job of cutting my hair.

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